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Edmonton Presbytery

13535 122 Avenue, Edmonton, Alberta, T5L 2V7

Telephone: (780) 438-6619

Fax: (780) 438-6618



Avonmore United Church

7909 82 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6C 0Y1


Beverly United Church

11910 40 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5W 2K9


Bissell Centre

10527 96 St. NW

Edmonton, AB  T5H 2H6


Chalmers-Castle Downs United Church

12315 132 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T5L 3P6


Chinese United Church

10152 96 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5H 2G5



Alex Taylor School

9321 Jasper Ave. NW

Edmonton, AB  T5H 3T7


Faith Lift (Campus Ministry)

Chaplain's Centre

169b HUB Mall Ground Level

University of Alberta

Edmonton, AB


Ebenezer United Church


16302 106 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T5P 0W9


Garneau United Church

11148 84 Avenue NW Unit 123

Edmonton AB T6G 0V8



George Spady Centre

10015 105 A Ave. NW

Edmonton, AB  T5H 0M5


Grace United Church

6215 104 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6A 0X9



Highlands United Church

11305 64 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5W 4H6


Inner City Pastoral Ministry

10527 96 St. NW

Edmonton, AB  T5H 2H6


Jellinek Society

11229 100 Ave. NW

Edmonton, AB  T5K 0J1



Kirk United Church

13535 122 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T5L 2V7


Knox-Metropolitan United Church

8307 109 Street NW

Edmonton AB T6G 1E1


Korean United Church

7909 82 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6C 0Y1


McClure United Church

13708 74 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5C 3R1


McDougall United Church

10086 MacDonald Drive NW

Edmonton AB T5J 2B7


Mill Woods United Church

15 Grand Meadow Crescent NW

Edmonton AB T6L 1A3


Ottewell United Church

6611 93A Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6B 0X1


Pilgrim United Church

9008 135 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T5E 1N4


Pleasantview United Church

10672 62 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6H 1M8



Ritchie United Church

9624 74 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6E 1E6


Riverbend United Church

14907 45 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6H 5R4


Robertson-Wesley United Church

10209 123 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5N 1N3


Saint Albert United Church

20 Green Grove Drive

St. Albert AB T8N 5H6


Saint Andrew's United Church

9915 148 Street NW

Edmonton AB T5N 3G1


Saint Paul's United Church

11526 76 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6G 0K7


Sherwood Park United Church

20 Fir Street

Sherwood Park AB T8A 1Z6


Southminster-Steinhauer UnitedChurch

10740 19 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6J 6W9


Spirit West United Church

7003 199 St. NW

Edmonton. AB  T5T 3A8


Strathearn United Church

8510 95 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T6C 1Y7


Trinity United Church

8810 Meadowlark Road NW

Edmonton AB T5R 5W6


Winterburn United Church

21503 103 Avenue NW

Edmonton AB T5S 2C3





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